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"Everyone has a story. As a pastor, I often share my story with my church. You might share yours with your children and grandchildren one day. Perhaps you don’t like your story’s beginning. There’s nothing you can do to change where you came from or what has led you here. We wouldn’t want you to! You do have the power, when you put your life in the hands of Jesus Christ, to change your story—the middle and the end.

Our purpose in helping you rewrite your story is to encourage, equip and empower you to live an overcoming life. On every occasion, we’d like to share with you life-changing principles from the Word of God that will help you achieve this goal. Fulfillment in life begins when we live out our created purpose. And that’s why we’re here–to help you find your purpose in Him."

-Pastors Marvin & Deborah Jackson

Find Peace at The River

Over 20 years ago, eight of us met regularly to pray and to seek God’s vision for the ministry. Five years ago we celebrated with over 750 people. Today nearly 2000 gather each week during our worship celebrations. But while our numbers have grown, the most important number to us is ONE. That one person who finds his or her way into our church and into a relationship with Christ. We hope that one person is you.

At the River of Life, we encounter many people who have experienced all types of challenges in life. Our desire is to restore, revive and refresh them—much like the function of a river—so they can become all that God intended them to be. While you are here, we hope you feel love and acceptance. When you leave, we hope you feel equipped to handle anything that comes your way. Our hope is that you’ll grow in Christ and trust in Him as you begin to rewrite the story of your life.

It's Not Just Our Story...It's Your Story Too.

At The River, it’s all about seeing the difference a relationship with Christ can make. We’ve seen people who were once homeless become business owners. We seen broken homes put back together again. We’ve seen cancer patients given only months to live healed by the power of God. So many wonderful stories of positive change are happening every day!  Click here to check out some of these amazing stories…

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