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Perhaps you grew up going to church each Sunday. Maybe you were reared attending a synagogue, a temple or a tabernacle. This may even be the first time you’ve ever considered going to a house of worship. We are so glad you’ve taken this first step in discovering more about the River of Life Christian Center. To alleviate any anxiety, we’ve created this page to answer any concerns you might have.


Drs. Marvin & Deborah A Jackson

We know you have options for worship in our area and we are so excited you are considering the River of Life. While at our church, I hope you feel warmly welcomed and know that the Lord loves you. As you leave, we trust you’ve been given the tools—through the Word of God—that will equip you to lead a victorious life.


There’s nothing like experiencing a live worship celebration at The River. You’ll be among people who love you and embrace you as a brother or sister in Christ. So please join us at a worship celebration this week. You’ll find a word that will encourage, empower and equip you to reach your fullest potential. We’d love to see you there!

—Pastor Marvin Jackson


What do you 

offer for teens?

We believe, given the right opportunities, our youth can change the world. Our youth meet every Sunday during our worship celebrations and on Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. In addition, Next Level is tailored just for teens ages 12-18 that meets the first Friday of each month at 7:30 p.m. At Next Level, you’ll experience student-led ministry, live worship bands with even livelier worship, passionate messages and small group interaction.

Will my children enjoy coming?

Yes! On Sunday mornings, our children’s ministry has prepared a separate worship experience for kids ages 3 through grade 6. We also have nursery facilities for infants and toddlers. Because kids matter, we work hard to ensure a safe, friendly, fun, faith-filled environment for your children. If your child is reluctant to leave you the first time, they are welcome to sit with you during worship.

What will I experience at
The River?

Our guests usually comment on a few things—people see us as friendly, loving and welcoming. You’ll also experience lively music and a come-as-you-are atmosphere. We don’t have a dress code or get hung up on formalities. Expect to feel joy and peace and experience the word of God.

How can I
get involved?

After visiting the River of Life, people often express a desire to serve in a ministry area right away. We encourage you to take some time to get to know us and pray about God’s plan for you at The River. Take a few moments to meet some people, learn what you can about us, attend a few fellowship events and ask lots of questions. We’d love to see you serve God and his people and have many areas where you can discover your passions.

What kind of church is
The River of Life?

We are an interdenominational community church with a passion for serving God and serving people. For more information on what we believe, click here. Being actively partnered with First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Pastors Marvin and Deborah serve under the leadership and counsel of  John K. Jenkins, lead pastor of FBCG. The River of Life is also a part of The Champions Network with Joel and Victoria Osteen in Houston, Texas, and Creflo Dollar Ministry Association.

What to Expect
Service Times


Join us at The River of Life Christian Center for one of our powerful and exciting worship celebrations! At The River, we really believe you’ll find an experience that will empower, encourage and equip you for success in everyday living. We look forward to you being our very special guest at the River. For more information, please

call (407) 835-8833 or email us at info@rolcc.tv.



Watch Us LIVE

Thursdays @ 7pm


Join us every

Sunday Morning @10AM


Monday through Friday

@ 6:30am & 7PM on

TV45 The Good Life


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