Perhaps you grew up going to church each Sunday. Maybe you were reared attending a synagogue, a temple or a tabernacle. This may even be the first time you’ve ever considered going to a house of worship. We are so glad you’ve taken this first step in discovering more about the River of Life Christian Center. To alleviate any anxiety, we’ve created this page to answer any concerns you might have.


Marvin & Deborah A Jackson

We know you have options for worship in our area and we are so excited you are considering the River of Life. While at our church, I hope you feel warmly welcomed and know that the Lord loves you. As you leave, we trust you’ve been given the tools—through the Word of God—that will equip you to lead a victorious life.


There’s nothing like experiencing a live worship celebration at The River. You’ll be among people who love you and embrace you as a brother or sister in Christ. So please join us at a worship celebration this week. You’ll find a word that will encourage, empower and equip you to reach your fullest potential. We’d love to see you there!

—Pastor Marvin Jackson


What will I experience 

at The River?

Will my children 

enjoy coming?

What do you 

offer for teens?

How can I 

get involved?

What kind of church is

The River of Life?



Join us at The River of Life Christian Center for one of our powerful and exciting worship celebrations! At The River, we really believe you’ll find an experience that will empower, encourage and equip you for success in everyday living. We look forward to you being our very special guest at the River. For more information, please call (407) 835-8833 or email us at info@rolcc.tv or visit our  Covid-19 Updates page.


Join us every Thursday



Join us every Sunday



Monday through Friday

@6:30am & 7PM on

TV45 The Good Life


Sundays at 10:00am

Thursdays at 7:00pm

4300 Clarcona Ocoee Rd. #220 

Orlando, Florida 32810

P: (407) 835-8833

F: (407) 649-9775

E: info@rolcc.tv

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